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Printed Gelatin / Cellulose Capsule Shells

More than any other dosage form, two piece capsules offer many unique and colorful ways to enhance the image and utility of products.

In addition to this, printing on capsules provides a unique identification system by adding information such as :

 • Name of the Company or Brand logo of the company

 • A brand or Product name

 • Details of the product claim (ex. 250 mg / 500 mg etc.,)

The unique identifying feature of printed capsules helps in putting checks on cross-contamination and reducing the risk of medication errors.

Natural Capsules offers a several types of capsule printing options:

 • Linear (Axial) Print : The print text appears along the lengthwise of the capsule

 • Circular (Spin) Print : The print text appears across the circumference of the capsule

As per the Customer requirement, NCL offers another option of using different combinations of ink colors.Only Edible inks are used at NCL for printing on capsule shells and these inks are all manufactured using pharmaceutical grade raw material.

If you would like to develop new for your capsule product, please be sure to indicate:

 • the size of the capsule and , if possible the desired color combination

 • the logo / Text on Cap

 • the logo / Text on Body

 • the printing color(s)