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Enteric Capsule Shells

Enteric capsules

have great utility for things that either upset the stomach or must be digested in the intestines. The following is just a list of ideas to get started with:

* it can completely block the nausea caused by mescaline by disallowing the mescaline to absorb in the walls of the stomach.

* it will prevent many drugs from re-salting to hydrochlorides by bypassing the hydrochloric acid in the stomach secretions. This can be of great benefit for some things. Possibly freebase bufotenine will benefit from this, allowing it to be absorbed in the intestines as freebase bufotenine rather than the nauseating bufotenine HCl.

* it should allow elemicin to work better. It seems that elemicin doesnt work well unless its digested in the intestines.

Delayed Release Capsules

Delayed Release Capsules allows you to make capsules that are water resistant, and better protected from the environment. Enteric coated capsules will last longer.